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About Us

Welcome to our home...

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We are a family based cattery located in Ashland (central) New Hampshire, just south of the White Mountains. Our passion for this breed has lead is into showing and breeding them. We primarily show  TICA and CFA.

Our Breeding Guidelines:

We generally breed health tested show lines. Pedigrees fascinate us and we love researching and studying them.  We breed for health, temperament &  type. Before the age of 2 years all of our males and most of our female breeding cats are screened by a local cardiologist to ensure our cats are free of HCM at that time. HCM is sadly a too common health issue in our breed.  Another common problem in Maine Coons is gum problems (gingivitis and stomatitis).  We never breed a cat with bad gums, we found it just gets passed along too easily.  Over the years we have tried to improve our cats gums by selective breeding.

How Our Cats Live:

Our adult cats (females and alters) have free run of the house. We have a nice penned in area under our porch where our cats can go in and out as they please through a kitty door in the window. They love it out there, whether it's 95 degrees in the summer or 20 degrees in the winter we can always find someone outside.  The alters, girls & kittens have half the pen, while the boys share the other half. It is so nice our cats can enjoy the outdoors without the dangers of predators, cars, and disease.

This past summer we finished our deck so the cats have even more space to enjoy the outdoors.  We can always find the kittens out there playing in the early morning hours during the summer, or laying stretched out soaking up the sun in the afternoon.

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Back of house
View from backyard.
 Downstairs outdoor area
Fenced in area under the deck.  The cats have a kitty door they use in a window to go in and out.
New screened in deck
The screened in deck.

New screened in deck
The deck again, the cats love it!
New screened in deck
The deck again.

Heading into the cattery, sink for washing dishes and grooming.

The grooming area and a isolation pen (if needed).

In the grooming area, looking into the cattery.

In the cattery, lots of cat trees, a chair and a tv.

New boys pen in the cattery.  They have their own indoor/outdoor area. 

In the boys area/room.

In the boys room.

Our Kittens:
Our kittens are raised in our bedrooms until they get their first vaccine at 12 weeks of age. Then they get run of the house with the girls and alters. We are always home for the birth of all our litters, we believe in being there for our moms for their comfort and safety.

Breeder/Show Kitten or Stud Inquiries
We occasionally sell show or breeder kittens to established catteries only. Must have 3 breeder references, test for HCM via ultrasound, breeding cats must not be kept caged and must live in your household as part of the family.  We may also request images of your home and cattery.
We sell very limited to our own region (North East)
We do not provide outside stud service.  (exception for a small group of breeders whom we already work with)
We do not sell overseas.

Please visit our dogs, Kelim Racing Siberian Huskies.

If you have any questions about us or our cattery, please feel free to email us at kelim@twc.com
Thank you and Enjoy your visit!

Rita, Bruce, Kimberly & Kelly Berg



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